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There are thousands of scams on the internet… the domain name market is no exception to this trend. It may only take a few technical words to lose the average internet user, then they become an easy target for scammers.

Domain slamming, similar to telephone slamming scams, refers to the practice of sending fake renewal notices or bills to domain name registrants, with the intention of transferring the domain.


Renewal scams

You may receive an email that contains and expiration date notice and invites you to renew your domain as soon as possible. The problem is this is not a renewal but a transfer. A domain name renewal is only possible with the same registrar you registered your domain with. A transfer takes place when transferring a domain from your previous registrar to a new one. Therefore, the costs are much higher. At best, it is a transfer to this new Registrar. But in the worst case, the recipient will have lost money.

These ‘slammers’ bet everything on an almost perfect resemblance with an actual renewal notice email. They often hold accurate personal information about the recipient they are trying to scam. This unfortunately instils a false sense of confidence.


We recommend…

If you have any doubt about an email you’ve received, contact us and we will help assess whether it is genuine or not. Remember that just because the sender knows some information about you, doesn’t mean the email is genuine.


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