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Hackers are always looking for new ways to access and exploit your data


Smart TVs

Hackers can mine your TV apps (Netflix, ITV Hub, etc.) for payment information and can use your TV as a gateway to get into other connected devices in your home. Researchers have found that many manufacturers set the same default passwords for the same type of devices, and often users don’t change them.


Smart refrigerators

Syncing your smart fridge with your Outlook/Google calendar makes meal planning much more convenient. Unfortunately, it also gives hackers a window to access any sensitive information stored in your account.


Picture frames

Digital photo frames sometimes bring more surprises than just captured memories. Hackers can use a hacked device’s light sensor to monitor activities in your home. “If hacked, the frame’s ambient light sensors can help a thief know the comings and goings in your household.”


Home Wi-Fi routers

It’s not hard to imagine how much damage can be done via a hacked router, says Andrew Newman, CEO and founder of Reason Software Company. “Wi-Fi can lead to Google account access or identify theft. Depending on how ‘smart’ your home is, it can pose a real danger, like disclosing information about your family’s activities, and granting physical access to your house or car.”


Garage door openers

Smart garage door openers let you control the door functions remotely. Sadly, these devices also make it possible for hackers to remotely control your garage door and find out when you leave for work.


Printers and scanners

While many homes/businesses think to secure other aspects of their network, they often overlook the role that printers play in a holistic cyber security approach. For example, on older printers, the connection between a computer isn’t very secure, therefore hackers can more easily access information sent over the network.


Tips to prevent hacking

You can start by officially registering your device or signing up with the manufacturer’s mailing list. This way, you can stay up-to-date with the company’s latest security upgrades. Also, don’t forget to:

· Install any updates or security patches as soon as they’re released
· Replace default passwords provided by the manufacturer for some strong, unique ones Download apps from official app stores only
· Avoid clicking on unrecognised links or websites


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