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IT Positive logo with purple background. It’s been almost four years since Windows 10 was first released; however, there are several features that users may not be aware of.

We’re pretty used to the operating system from daily use; however, whether you’ve been using for years or only just upgraded, these tips and tricks will improve you Windows 10 experience.

From hidden start menus to handy movements which will declutter your work space, here are some features of Windows 10 that you may not be aware of.

Hidden Start Menu

Clicking the Windows button on your screen will enable you to access a number of recently opened applications; however, did you know that you can access a menu which allows you to quickly access system operations such as command prompt, task manager and more? All you need to do is right click the Windows button or use Windows key + X on your keyboard.

Minimise all windows except the active one

Previous operating systems had a “Show Desktop” function; although, there seems to be no visible option to do so in Windows 10. However, all you need to do is grab the window by its title bar and give it a shake to minimise all the inactive windows.

Stop background apps from running

Mobile devices now include the feature to close inactive apps easily. It may not seem a big deal when using your laptop; however, if the device is tethered to a mobile hotspot with a data cap, then it can save you a lot of headaches and wasted data – as well as a little battery life too. Simply go to the Settings app, Privacy, Background Apps. You can then decide which of your installed apps can run in the background.

New track pad gestures

Used to having a plethora of track pad gestures to make your experience more useful as a Mac user? Then all the gestures you’re used to from OS X – such as pinching to zoom, or two fingers to scroll up and down – will work in Windows 10.

Night light

Do you find yourself using your computer just before heading to bed? Then Night Light is for you. The feature reduces and limits the light produced by your laptop so that that your melatonin, the chemical your body produces after your eyes inform your brain it’s dark and time for bed, doesn’t get impeded. Simply head to Settings and search for Night Light, and then you can schedule when the feature is enabled in order to help you.

Hidden Cortana tools

Do you need help making a decision? Type into Cortana “Flip the Coin” and Cortana will roll a virtual coin to make a random decision for you. Similarly, use “Rock Paper Scissors” or “Roll the Die” for a graphic experience.

Schedule Windows Updates

If you’re sick and tired of notifications asking if you’re ready to update your PC, why not schedule them by telling your device when you are least likely to be active? Visit Settings, Update & Security, Windows Update and click Change active hours. Here you can set a range of time when you usually use your PC. During this time frame, Windows won’t automatically restart to apply updates. Click Restart options and you can pick a specific time for Windows to install pending updates.

Alternative sign-in methods

Most people tend to use a password to protect your account; however, you can also unlock your computer by using a PIN or even by photograph. Visit Settings, Accounts, Sign-in options to review the available options and set one up.

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