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If you thought that Windows Vista was already dead in the water and you wouldn’t throw it a lifeline. You can safely ignore this.  However, if any of your computers are still running on Visa – read on.

The much-criticised operating system launched a decade ago. It has been struggling along all this time, frustrating many users. Finally Microsoft have announced that they are killing of the operating system.

Following Windows XP, the most successful version of Windows of all time, Vista was plagued with negative reviews, and rejected by most corporates.  Despite its lack of popularity, industry experts report that approximately 0.78% of devices are still running the much-maligned operating system.

The announcement by Microsoft means that no further updates will be provided. Which means that over time, the operating system will be full of holes and become a serious security risk.  In addition, the inbuilt anti-virus app, Security Essentials, will no longer receive updates and new virus definitions. So users will need to me extremely careful, especially if the computer is used online – and who isn’t online these days?

So, what are your options if Windows Vista is still on your computer?

One option is nothing, as your computer will still work. However, it will become more unstable and unusable, as hardware manufacturers will continue to update and optimise their devices for more recent versions of Windows.  This means more and more applications and devices simply won’t work on your computer unless you upgrade.  In addition, your computer will be more vulnerable to risks and viruses, so be especially careful if you store personal or sensitive information.

Another option is to stump-up for the full version of Windows 10, the latest version of Windows.  A word of warning though; you may find that your current computer will struggle with Windows 10, as the minimum specifications are far higher than that for Vista. You will need at least:

  • 16 to 20GB of free space on your hard disk
  • at least 1GB (ideally 2GB) of RAM
  • and a display resolution of at least 800 x 600 pixels

If you want some advice about the best solution for you – before you spend money you may not need to – just give us a call on 01376 653 115.  IT Positive, we’re a Microsoft Partner, so we know all the options. And we’ll ensure you don’t do anything that will give you headaches later on.


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