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Have you ever thought VOIP (voice over internet protocol) telephone systems are only suitable for large businesses? Instead of a traditional analogue phone line, VOIP has an abundance of features that small business owners can take advantage of. This leading technology, whom more and more companies are switching to, allows you to make and receive phone calls over your internet/ broadband connection.




There’s more to modern VOIP than just making and receiving calls. Systems can integrate teleconferencing, message forwarding, music on hold, etc. Allowing you to keep in touch with employees regardless of where they are, people could be working from home or abroad. Furthermore, voicemail messages can be sent via email so they can’t be missed.


Future and disaster proof


VOIP offers a long-term resolution to almost all businesses telephone needs. Because as mentioned before, only an internet connection and a VOIP enabled handset is required. Additionally, a VOIP system can simply expand as your business does. By adding users/ handsets without the cost and hassle of installing additional telephone lines each time to accommodate them. And should you open a new office branch, relocate or even have an emergency such as a flood – your phones can be picked up and plugged in at another site. In the industry this is known as ‘plug & play’. It facilitates the ability to get up and running without the disruption of changing numbers.



Operating costs for VOIP are lower than the standard telephone providers, especially if you make a high volume of international calls. The number you dial out from is virtual, therefore, it is not connected to a physical landline but appears to be so. For instance, customers and colleagues can call you at the local rate instead of the higher international rate as your virtual phone number appears to be within their local exchange even though it isn’t. As this all runs in the background automatically, you don’t need to understand the inner workings of the setup. Just remember it will lead to great savings.



Other benefits we cannot neglect to mention:

– Has standardised encryption protocols
– Using softphone, you can transform your mobile into a VOIP phone. This gives you the flexibility to make and receive call when you are away from your desk
– Automated assistance; set opening hours and announcement messages
– Call recording


When you decide to go ahead with VOIP you should consider all your options. Call us to learn more about the advantages of VOIP for your business.


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