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Yahoo email users are reporting continuing problems with their email following changes to the service made by the company as they declare war on ad blockers and potential spammers.

Two problems appear to exist. The first is that users are stopped from accessing their email online if the user blocks online adverts, and the second is when recovering from suspicious activity users are restricted on the number of emails they can send, or the number of recipients that they can include in an email.

Ad blocking across the internet has always been a problem. We frequently fast-forward through television ad-breaks, but it’s frowned upon if we block ads on our internet browsers. In response, Yahoo have responded by preventing some users from accessing their email if they are using ad blocking software.

The second issue that appears to be facing Yahoo Mail users, is following suspicious activity, such as hacking by a third party leading to spam being circulated. Users advise us that they are being limited to the number of recipients that they can send emails to. Maybe not a serious problem for the casual domestic user, but for anybody trying to run clubs or societies it’s a big problem.

Fortunately, it appears that such restriction only exist for a limited time, until Yahoo are satisfied that the account holder is genuine, but nonetheless it is a headache for many users, pushing a number of clients to consider a more robust, even commercial offering instead of Yahoo Mail.

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