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Our last article started your thinking about technologies that can improve your efficiency and increase productivity.  This is the other part of the pair with more tips that hopefully will make your life easier.


Voice, don’t text

One of the most underrated features of WhatsApp is the ability to record short, voicemail-style messages at the touch of a button. Why take time to type the message out, when you can just hit the record button? It’s an advantage for the person receiving it too. As it doesn’t disturb them like a phone call would and they hear the tone of  your voice rather than just the words, which aids comprehension.



Our brains are constantly taken up with routine tasks, such as expenses claims, shopping lists, meeting reminders, etc. Why not automate these tasks with apps or reminders to ease the burden on our brains. Business card scanners and expenses apps are two easy services that can be implemented, and there are thousands of others.



You can innovate to enhance your productivity. The new ideas and services springing up as various apps never cease to amaze me. Now you can send an invoice from your mobile phone whilst still on your client’s premises, take photos of your receipts and they load directly into your accounts package. The latest app I’ve stumbled across is an app that will hold for you if you find yourself in a call-centre queue and when you’re finally connected, the app telephones you back.


Double your viewing

With apps like Skype, Slack, Microsoft Teams or Google hangouts, do you still need to take part in time-consuming and energy-draining meetings? Explore ways that your team can work more flexibly, and try to avoid any meeting unless it has a clear purpose and where you’re sure that a meeting is the best way to solve the problem.  Think of all that travel time you’ll save too.



We all have various apps and services that require us to duplicate information. That might be typing client’s details in both our CRM system and our accounts package. Or perhaps you also have to manually add information into a mailshot program. It’s always worth looking at systems that will integrate all this so you only need to enter data once.


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