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I have many many conversations with potential clients, and networking contacts, as to how they deal with their IT support, and there are a number that respond with comments such as ‘we look after it ourselves’.


It’s a fairly common response, and one we completely understand. However, there are a number of reasons why we, and many of our customers believe that this is not the best way to go forward.


Firstly, are you really getting value for money doing it yourself?

I recently quizzed an accountant who advised me that one of the partners looked after their IT, and in particular their server. He wasn’t a server engineer, and therefore spent about 2 days out of his very busy schedule working on their server, and other IT issues. The partner, who billed his time out at £250 per hour, was therefore spending £3,500 (the time he would otherwise bill his clients) on his IT! A huge amount compared to the cost of paying an IT Support company to do the same thing.


Secondly, are you suffering from down-time?

Business people who treat their IT support as their second job, will find that they can seldom deal with those important issues in a timely fashion, and therefore staff members will frequently have down-time whist waiting for the job to be fixed. Additionally, a part-time, or amateur IT engineer will almost certainly take longer to solve a problem, than an IT professional who deals with these matters on a daily basis. It’s quite normal for our engineers to spend half an hour fixing a fault to have the client state “I’ve spent two days trying to sort that out”.


Thirdly, are you following the saying “do as I say, not as I do”?

At practically every networking event I attend, I hear people from all professions, asking their networking contacts to contract out their needs. An accountant will want you to contract out your book-keeping and/or payroll, an HR Professional will suggest you should contract out your Personnel matters, a Financial Advisor will want you to contract out your financial services advice. But, are they doing likewise? We can all search for such advice online, and spend hours doing so, but if they’re asking others to contract out to their services, shouldn’t they do the same?


Whilst we fully understand that any new company will try to save money, and deal with their IT themselves, perhaps it can be more cost-effective, time-effective, and less hypocritical, if they instead examined the possibility of using an expert, and stick to what they’re good at.



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