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At the end of the day, what do you do with your computer? Maybe you’re eco-friendly and shut down. Or, you need your computer first thing in the morning so opt for putting it in sleep mode to pick up where you left off. On average, the cost of running a PC 24/7, 365 days a year, will be about £40.00 to £60.00. Depending on how you use your device usually determines whether you should power off.



Here’s what you may want to consider so you can do what best suits your situation.


Understanding the process

When a computer is shut down, it will first close any apps or software that is in use before the hardware itself shuts down. On the other hand, a computer in sleep mode limits which software and hardware are running so that limited resources are used. It essentially runs in a low-power state.

computer off overnight

Full shutdown

A full system shutdown gives your operating system time to restart and remove any minor problems it may come across. If you go without a reboot for too long, these minor problems can build up and become a major issue in the future. Furthermore, less power is used when a computer is off and reduces the chance of a power surge causing damage.


Sleep mode

Not having to wait for your computer to turn back on again the next time you use it is hugely convenient. Also, another benefit of keeping your computer in sleep mode is that it can install and complete security updates, basic maintenance and general upkeep that your device couldn’t do when it’s turned off.

windows boot screen


Subsequently, the simplest way to decide between doing a system shutdown and leaving a PC to go into sleep mode is to approach the choice on a case by case basis. So, if you not planning on using it for a few days, power off. And if you walk away for a short period of time, put it in sleep mode. A happy medium of the two will keep you at your most productive.


Let us know if you need advice on how to get the most of your computer.


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