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When something goes wrong with your IT a feeling of dread takes over. Today’s business world grinds to a halt when the computing system doesn’t work. The problem is that when things stop working it’s often too late to rescue the situation.


If the hard drive is corrupted the data may have been lost forever. If the system has died it may be beyond repair. A tough truth to swallow if you have no plan B.


What you need to avoid this level of pain is a robust plan B that swings into action – along with some preventative maintenance built into plan A.


We’re proud to say that our technicians rarely have to jump in the car and race to the rescue. Simply because they monitor our clients’ systems remotely on a daily basis and spot most problems long before they become a problem.


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However, there are also other things that you can do to ensure your plan B can swing seamlessly into action if something really dire happens.


Backup daily – and not to somewhere on site

If there’s a fire, flood, earthquake or hurricane your data needs to be in a different place to the original data, or both can be destroyed. If you’re working on complex data it may even need to be backed up hourly or even instantly.


Small hiccups, like your Word programme crashing, are usually not a problem. The software often auto-saves your document and will allow you to retrieve and restore it, even if you haven’t saved it. However, don’t rely on this as your backup strategy.


If your business is dependent on your data storage and software programmes then you’ll need a business recovery plan. Also, the more IT you use the more in-depth your plan needs to be.


This is where you’ll probably need some expert help as IT specialists will have knowledge and experience to call on to help you create that plan.

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An expert will be able to help you to diagnose if the problem is in the software or the hardware. Is the computer sufficiently up-to-date to run the latest software? Is the memory able to cope with the demands made on it? There’s usually a reason why your computer isn’t behaving. Think of expert advice like having a F1 mechanic around to ensure your high performance vehicle is running at its optimum level.


If you want to take that step towards security. Get an expert in and insure against future drains on profit and productivity.


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