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Here are five things in technology that happened recently and how they affect your business. Did you miss them?  

Facebook’s big data breach

The massive data breach experienced by Facebook could cost the company at least $1.63 billion in fines from regulator. It exposed the data of at least 50 million user accounts.
Why this is important for your business:
The big question is how, with all the big brains and expensive tools at the disposal of the social media giant, could a data breach so large happen? We may never know. But know this: no cloud company, regardless of their size, can provide 100% protection for your data. Limit the risk and have a business disaster recovery plan.

Worldwide Instagram outage

The photo-sharing social network, Instagram, suffered a worldwide outage after a new leader came on board at that division. The app, which has over a billion monthly users, was down in parts of North America, Europe, Australia, India, Singapore and other countries. The app displayed an error message saying ‘couldn’t refresh feed’.
Why this is important for your business:
I think we can all agree that this hasn’t been a great week for Facebook. Not only is your data not fully secured but there’s no guarantee that your cloud based service – regardless how big or popular it is – will be up and running 100 percent of the time. Your luck is that your cloud based accounting, collaboration or customer relationship management system will go down (like Instagram) exactly when you need it the most. Do you have backup procedures?

The MacBook Pro flaw that nobody is talking about

macbook usb c
Because of its USB-C ports, all MacBook Pros introduced since late 2016 and the 12-inch MacBooks sold since 2015 are inherently unsafe, according to one tech report. The issue is the power. A 2015 MacBook equipped with a MagSafe port can be charged by just plugging it in—with no risk of a data connection—as long as networking is off and nothing is plugged into any of the ports. But, if that or the MacBook Pro is on, the only way to charge is to connect to a USB-C port, which is capable of transferring data and thus could put the device at risk of corruption.
Why this is important for your business:
Anyone in your company using a Macbook? Are you? Better check this out…or at least make sure your insurance covers you.

Google is giving advertisers more ways to target YouTube users

Google plans to expand its use of search-based advertising tools on YouTube. In order to help advertisers target potential customers as they search there. Google representatives say that YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the U.S. They claim to have data proving that many people who search for products, movies, and other items on Google Search go over to YouTube next to watch reviews, unboxing videos, and other content related to the product.
Why this is important for your business:
With the exploding popularity of video, YouTube seems like a great spot a business. Any business, for that matter.

A Japanese robot contractor can install plasterboard

robot plasterboard
Japan’s Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) research institute has developed a humanoid robot capable of doing simple construction tasks, like installing plasterboard. AIST envisions its robot being used on construction sites to compensate for Japan’s aging population and labour shortages. AIST’s goal is to provide autonomous replacement of labour at assembly sites for large structures, such as buildings, houses, aircrafts, and ships.
Why this is important for your business:
A robot construction worker sounds all well and good. But will it show up on time and not go over-budget? Now that would be something! Perhaps a few of the brief stories above have peaked your interest, in which case, get in touch to be sure your protected against potential system crashes.


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