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Despite almost all of us now using computers for our jobs and daily lives, there are errors that people make time and time again that should be avoided. The impact of these mistakes is not only frustrating and time consuming but can have serious consequences for the company.


#1 Not saving work
We have all made this mistake at some point; when you are working on a document for hours, saving might be the last thing on your mind. We recommend that you get into the habit of saving work every 15 minutes or work online through cloud computing (on SharePoint). Working online should provide you with an autosave option, giving you peace of mind as you no longer have to remember to manually save documents.


#2 Opening all email attachments
You must remain cautious when opening email attachments, even though the majority of emails you will receive are probably harmless. There are many tactics cybercriminals use to gain your trust or get you to do something, such as download content onto your computer. Unfortunately if this were to happen sensitive information can be lead exposed and vulnerable. We recommend that before opening an email attachment you check that it is coming from a trustworthy source, and, to be aware that scammers open will deliberately use names of people you know to lure you into a false sense of security.


#3 Not backing up files
This is a common mistake that can severely impact the business. If your computer crashes due to loss of power or a virus, the work you are doing will disappear if not backed up. This would be annoying however, not as devastating as loosing large amounts of files containing vital business data. For this reason, companies must be backing up their files. We recommend that you use cloud computing to automatically back up files, this will provide reassurance that information is secure in the cloud.


#4 Installing bad software
Many are tempted to download so􀀳ware as it’s free and they are trying to keep costs low; however by choosing a cheap version, problems can occur such as accidently installing a virus. If you do download free software we recommend you do the

  • Ensure the company is reputable
  • Avoid installing download manager. This often is a way malicious content is installed
  • Avoid clicking adverts as they are often spam
  • Read reviews from where you are downloading it from


#5 Not keeping up with software updates
Software is constantly improving to provide you with a better user experience and also to ensure that you remain protected from any security threats. So, although it can be annoying, it is there for an important reason. If your computer does not automatically update itself, you should be prompted with a reminder. We recommend that these reminders are not overlook, you action them as soon as possible.


The majority of these mistakes are easily avoided. So, if you would like to discuss facilities that can be put in place to avoid them then talk to us on: 01376 653115


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