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PAYG v. Managed Support

PAYG v. Managed Support

Share this:“Why would a client choose an ongoing support contract instead of a simple pay-as-you-go option?” It’s a question we’re often asked and here’s why…   Budgeting It’s easier to budget when you know the costs for the year ahead. Like most IT...
Are You a Slave to Your Inbox?

Are You a Slave to Your Inbox?

Share this:In discussions with friends, colleagues, and clients, I witness numerous different ways that they all deal with the constant flow of emails; what has become clear, is that there is no best solution, especially from industry to industry. Some people like to...

Prevention tips to keep you secure

Share this:Whether you have a website, online accounts or any type of web-based infrastructure, you are potentially at risk for a cyber attack. Although the public typically only hears about cyber attacks against high-profile companies, banks and government...

My computer’s not working

Share this: When something goes wrong with your IT a feeling of dread takes over. Today’s business world grinds to a halt when the computing system doesn’t work. The problem is that when things stop working it’s often too late to rescue the situation.   If the hard...

Stick to what you’re good at!

Share this: When you start a business it’s usually because you have a skill or passion that you want to share with others.  Then, in the cold light of day, you realise you have to have a whole host of other skills too.   You have to be an accountant, a recruiter, a...


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