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5 Common Computer Mistakes People Make

5 Common Computer Mistakes People Make

Despite almost all of us now using computers for our jobs and daily lives, there are errors that people make time and time again that should be avoided. The impact of these mistakes is not only frustrating and time consuming but can have serious consequences for the...
Cyber Insurance is great, but are you compliant?

Cyber Insurance is great, but are you compliant?

As an IT Support company, which works closely with many professions and industries, we are often party to discussions regarding our clients Cyber Insurance cover. We are often asked the question: “you look after our security so why do we need cyber cover?” The...
Are You a Slave to Your Inbox?

Are You a Slave to Your Inbox?

Share this:In discussions with friends, colleagues, and clients, I witness numerous different ways that they all deal with the constant flow of emails; what has become clear, is that there is no best solution, especially from industry to industry. Some people like to...
Managing Cookies

Managing Cookies

Share this:Have you ever visited Amazon.co.uk only to find items you’d forgotten in your shopping cart? Returned to John Lewis and found you were already logged in? Have you ever noticed how the stories your favorite new site recommends change as you click on...

Why have a domain?

Share this:Why have a domain?  Your Domain Name is your business’ home on the web, the heart of your online identity. As a website address it’s the gateway for people to see what you have to offer. It tells people who you are, where you are, and what you do. Is your...

Security Tips

Share this:The significance of employing secure passwords is more important than ever. Hackers are hungry for passwords, as they have substantial monetary value. Stories are constantly developing in the media about high profile data breaches and password leaks,...

Keep your business secure!

Share this: Keep your business secure.. We now offer a new software that monitors performance to capture and store the real-time activity of its users. Allowing companies to protect sensitive and personal information, detect insider threats and block harmful websites....


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