Slow Computers Fixed

Poor performance? Need your slow computers fixed?


If your computer is running slowly, it may well be because your PC or laptop is full of software sneakily put there without your permission. Most of the computers we see have: malware / spyware / adware and all kinds of programs you don’t want. From programs that sit on your PC waiting for you to look something up on the Internet. – So they can report back and target adverts to you more effectively. All the way to software you accidentally install. Normally when installing a valid application like Adobe Reader. There is a new form of software. That sits quietly on your PC and installs naff software in the background. They get paid for each bit of software they install. Turning what used to be the preserve of hackers, causing havoc every once and a while, into a multi-million pound business…


All these applications are sitting on your PC using up your memory and processing power. Making your PC run slower and making your life more complicated!


We can clean off all this software for you. And get your PC running properly again.


We have a set of applications that we install and run that remove all these dodgy applications.  Then we give the PC a check up, all for a fixed fee – including collection and delivery within a 5 mile radius.

If you need your slow computers fixed, just give us a ring on 01206 593152. Or contact us here.



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