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Poor performance? Need your slow computers fixed?

If your computer is running slowly, it may well be because your PC or laptop is full of software sneakily put there without your permission. Most of the computers we see have: malware / spyware / adware and all kinds of programs you don’t want. From programs that sit on your PC waiting for you to look something up on the Internet, so they can report back and target adverts to you more effectively, all the way to software you accidentally install.

All these applications are sitting on your PC using up your memory and processing power. Eventually slowing down your PC.

We can clean off all this unnecessary software for you, getting your PC running properly again!

People have their car serviced regularly, and even their boiler checked on an annual basis. So, on this principle, why not your PC? A routine PC service can prolong its life and save upgrading before necessary.

What happens?

  • We remotely install/update anti-spyware and anti-malware applications and scan your hard disk. As well as running house keeping tasks on your system that are best done manually to keep your system clean and free from any issues.
  • If you would prefer, an Engineer can be scheduled to visit and do this remotely.


If you would like more than just a speed up…

We supply new and refurbished PC’s, laptops, and printers – we will try our best to find something that suits your needs, and can set it all up for you with Microsoft 365 and Anti-Virus.


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