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IT Positive are pleased to be able to offer VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony services to small and medium sized business. Accepting that all businesses rely on dependable, affordable systems that adapt to your needs. Our packages for multi-office telecoms services do exactly that, keeping your costs to a minimum.


If you need a simple but effective system or cutting-edge technology, IT Positive can offer all the latest advances in telecoms, with VoIP and cloud telecoms just a few of our specialities.


Confident that you can benefit from our expert telecoms knowledge. Why not give us a call on 01376 653115 to discuss how we can help you?


Top VoIP benefits for your business include:


  • Lower calling costs — Most VoIP users said cost is the main reason they use the service. Many business VoIP calls are significantly cheaper, especially international calls. And calls between offices on the same hosted network are free.
  • Greater manageability — Putting a telephone system on the company’s computer network makes users’ phones easier to manage. Adding or moving extensions requires a simple change. It can be done in software configuration, rather than a complex re-wiring.
  • Enhanced mobility — With business VoIP, employees can make and receive calls on their work lines while they’re out of the office. This works by using computer software that imitates their physical telephone. Many systems also have call routing features that automatically forward calls to users’ mobile or home phones.
  • Advanced features — Since it is software-based, many business VoIP systems come standard with powerful calling features that can enhance users’ productivity. Some common features include: a display screen showing a name directory, call records, and other information. As well as multiple folders for organising voice mails, and integration with PCs that let users call a number directly from a web browser or address book in an email client.
  • Integration with other software — Business VoIP systems can also enhance productivity by integrating with other software applications the business uses.


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