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When it comes to spam and phishing emails, having a secure email platform like Microsoft Outlook is vital as it has built in spam filtering. However, spammers are becoming more sophisticated in their attempts to target people by deploying new tactics to try and circumvent detection and fool you into believing their emails are legitimate.


The key, and more often than not, the weak link, is the end-user receiving the email – you! So, it is vital to learn how to spot suspect emails.


To help with this, Google has created a great QUIZ which presents you with a variety of example emails and for each one you have to decide whether it is fake or genuine, afterwards it then explains what you had to look for in each scenario. We strongly urge you to take a look and see how being informed and vigilant will help prevent any security threats via email.


If you’re still unsure or worried about clicking on malicious links or opening unsafe attachments, Microsoft do offer an additional product that can be added to your subscription called Microsoft Defender.



What is the perfect solution is for you? As Microsoft Silver Partners, we can help you identify the right product for your needs… Get in touch!