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Not all employees stay forever… So, it’s important to have an exit checklist in place to protect your IT systems when they leave. Here’s the steps we recommend you take.


1. Take back company hardware

These items may include laptops, phones (desk or mobile), docking stations, printers, monitors, or cables. We recommend making a list of everything due to be returned.


2. Revoke access to emails and systems

As they are no longer an employee of the company they shouldn’t have the ability to speak for it.


3. Set up auto-forward emails

Ensure no important emails are missed, set up auto-forwarding and/or out-of-office replies. For client communication in particular it would be beneficial to mention who the new point of contact will be.


4. Ensure handover of online folders/documents

It’s best practice for employees to store any online documents in a shared company folder, that the company has control over, using a cloud storage solution such as OneDrive.


5. Change company-wide passwords

Passwords shared with multiple members of staff should be changed when an employee leaves.


6. Change any company card PINs

If the employee had use of company credit cards, make sure to change the PINs.


7. Inform us

If an employee is leaving on bad terms it’s better to be safe than sorry. Let us know, and we will help you take the necessary precautions.


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