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GDPR. A scary monster or a pussycat!

Whether you’re in the ‘do it all at the last minute’ camp or the ‘take action now to avoid panic later’ faction, GDPR is coming. The date it becomes part of our legislation is 25 May 2018 – and that’s not the point at which you have to take action, it’s the point at which […]

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My computer’s not working

When something goes wrong with your IT a feeling of dread takes over – today’s business world grinds to a halt when the computing system doesn’t work. The problem is that when things stop working it’s often too late to rescue the situation. If the hard drive is corrupted the data may have been lost […]

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Are you in control of your data?

For most companies, the most important asset that you have is your data. However, members of staff need access to your data in order for them to do their job. Some employees may invest their entire career with your company, but some people only stay for a short period of time and every time someone […]

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