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Stick to what you’re good at!

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When you start a business it’s usually because you have a skill or passion that you want to share with others.  Then, in the cold light of day, you realise you have to have a whole host of other skills too. When you start a business it’s usually because you have a skill or passion that you want to share with others.Open computer tower, hardware

You have to be an accountant, a recruiter, a boss, a purchasing officer, an administrator and a technical genius!  All this takes time and you end up trying to do lots of things that aren’t what you want to do.

If you’re not in IT, you’re going to need some  support sooner or later.

It’s easy to think that, if your business is just you and you only have one computer, you don’t have any technology needs – but then who looks after the updates to your operating system, ensures you’ve got the right virus protection, sorts out the problem when your broadband stops working?

Call CentreYes, you can call your broadband supplier – but how long will that take, supposing their call centre staff actually understand what you’re trying to explain to them?

As your business expands so will your technology.  More computers, printers, tablets, mobile phones all ‘plumbed in’ to your main office system.  Then you’ve got people who want to work from home or are out on the road and need access to files. The technology is starting to take over your life.

  • How do you know what the latest operating system is – and whether you need to update or should wait a bit?
  • How do you get all your machines talking to each other so you can share information?
  • How do you decide what software will do the job you need it to best?
  • How do you choose the right virus protection so you won’t have security problems?Computer Keyboard 'support' Key

And, have you ever tried to work for a day with no computers?  Today‘s businesses can’t function without access to a working computer, the internet and a selection of software packages.

I have a secret to share – our technicians rarely leave the office.  Why?  Because they do so much monitoring of our clients’ systems that they see problems coming, long before they become problems.  Needing to go out on site is not needed very often (although, of course, if that’s what’s needed, that’s what we do).

Imagine what life might be like if someone just took care of all that – and you can stick to what you’re good at.  You know who to call!  The number is 01376 653115.

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