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PAYG v. managed support contract

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Why would a client choose an ongoing support contract (with the ongoing financial commitment) instead of a simple pay-as-you-go option?

It’s a question we’re often asked and here’s why:



It’s easier to budget when you know the costs for the year ahead. Like most IT companies, our support contract includes all labour, travel and call-out fees. The only additional costs are for any replacement parts. Compare this with an unexpected bill for a hard drive failure, where the cost of the actual physical disk is minor compared to the labour charge for installation and restoring data.


Priority and speed of response
Any client who has an ongoing support contract immediately takes priority over PAYG clients, so where speed of response is an issue, a support contract could prove the way to go. Of course, we always aim to deal with all clients as quickly as possible and all calls are prioritised as urgent, important, or not time-critical. If our engineers are working on a PAYG client, they would be diverted to a contract client, if an urgent issue comes up.


The most important advantage, for most of our clients, is that we can be proactive in managing our client’s computers. This ensures that they seldom cause a problem in the first place. Our online portal monitors their systems, reporting and alerting us about issues such as viruses, potential hard drive failures, windows updates, system performance and many other issues that could cause an interruption to the smooth running of a client’s computers and business.

Our ideal is to never have to send engineers out on-site, so the more proactive we can be, to ensure a client’s computers continue running smoothly, the better for us and the better for our clients. There is no greater compliment to me, than when a client says “we haven’t seen your engineers for months”.

If you want a more accurate budget for your IT support costs, like the idea of a proactive approach so your staff aren’t interrupted by system failures, and consider speed of response a priority, then perhaps an ongoing support contract is the way to go.


Support_ImageThis doesn’t mean we don’t want PAYG clients – and for smaller businesses that might be the first step to have peace of mind that you’ve got experts who you can call on if you hit problems. However, a service contract doesn’t necessarily mean ‘more expensive’ – it’s tailored to the size of your business and the number of computers and associated equipment. If you’re not sure – give us a call and let’s talk it over.

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