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The world is changing, new technology, new customer demands, new approaches to business. The way your business operates is constantly evolving and staying ahead of the technology curve can be a challenge.

It’s only a few years ago that accounts were done on a spreadsheet, then Sage appeared and everyone switched, now the online accounting leader is Xero – and the sophistication of online accounting software is predicted to make an accountant unnecessary for doing the routine accounts and tax returns. Even the HMRC are pushing their Making Tax Digital campaign.

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Computing power is delivering more and more on smaller and smaller devices. Most people’s mobile phones have more memory than the desktop computer they were using five years ago.

The way people work is dependent on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. Even laptops are becoming ‘old-fashioned’ (except for those pieces of sculpture that a certain company make, that are de rigueur for the creative industry).

Is your company flexible enough to keep pace with the IT demands of modern business? It’s easy to find you’re dropping behind if you’ve bought technology for your current needs, but, if you haven’t taken into account what’s in the future, you can find your investment in hardware and software is quickly outstripped by the demands of your business.


Ideally, your IT consultant will be able to not only provide a set up that streamlines your current business operation and give you advice on the systems and software that will be both efficient and effective in maximising productivity.

A good IT consultant will also have their finger on the pulse and have a good idea of what’s coming. This means that they’ll be able to advise you on flexible systems that can easily be upgraded so you have the capacity to move with the times with the minimum of disruption and cost.

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It’s all about being proactive rather than reactive. If you are planning for the future, there are likely to be fewer nasty surprises – like when new versions of the operating system or applications are released and everyone has to not only upgrade to the new version, but sometimes learn how to use it too.

If you can schedule changes during quieter business periods the challenge is far less and customers (and profits) won’t suffer. That’s where a bit of expert advice can help your business sail smoothly into a bigger pond.

Are you ready for the future – or do you need a bit of expert advice to help you get there without the stress of managing change?

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