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Are you in control of your data?

For most companies, the most important asset that you have is your data. However, members of staff need access to your data in order for them to do their job. Some employees may invest their entire career with your company, but some people only stay for a short period of time and every time someone leaves what data do they have on their mobile phone, laptop, tablet or access to in the Cloud?

Data Privacy Word CloudSo how can you protect your data in this connect-anywhere world?

Your data might be on a secure server in a known location, but more often today is somewhere ‘in the Cloud’ and can be accessed from (and downloaded to) laptops, mobile phones, tablets – in fact, it’s available from any internet enabled device.

Regardless of where your data is stored it’s essential to have it properly secured.


Encrypting the data and having robust passwords is an important first step.

The next step is to be able to secure or even wipe data remotely. There are various services that are now available that allow you to do this. If a member of your team leaves their laptop in a taxi or has their mobile phone stolen your data can be wiped. This has two benefits – your business data is protected and you comply with data protection legislation too.

  • What are your policies on data storage and management?
    Can staff bring their own devices (BYOD) rather than use company provided mobile phones or laptops? If so, can you demand that certain apps, or software services are installed to allow for the security you need?
  • If you provide their phone, laptop or tablet – are they clear about what these can – and can’t be used for?
  • How do you monitor data, calls, or text messages? It might seem like Big Brother, but if you are providing a mobile phone for your members of staff doesn’t it make sense to have the ability, and right, to know exactly what that phone is being used for?
  • Then there is the duty of care for your own member of staff. There are numerous apps that will allow for the tracking of an employee’s mobile phone, and whilst some might accuse you of being too controlling, isn’t it essential for your employees’ welfare that you know where they are, especially if they are out on their own? Your lone worker policy could even include being able to monitor where they are during working hours and tracking their mobile is an ideal way to do this.

So, between the policies you have in place, and the services and apps that are installed on the devices you provide and those belonging to your employees, you have a robust plan to protect both your data and your people.

If you would like support in managing and protecting your company data, please give us a call at IT Positive on 01376 653115.

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