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Monthly Archives: July 2017

8 nasty shocks you don’t need!

In any society there are a few ‘bad eggs’ and the world wide web is no different. There are some people who dedicate themselves to stealing information and others that just take delight in causing other people problems – sometimes for no apparent reason! Whether you run a company with dozens of workstations or just […]

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Does your technology improve productivity? – Part 2

Our last article started your thinking about technologies that can improve your efficiency and increase productivity.  This is the other part of the pair with more tips that hopefully will make your life easier. Voice, don’t text One of the most underrated features of WhatsApp is the ability to record short, voicemail-style messages at the […]

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Does your technology improve productivity?

This is the first of a pair of articles that will give you some tips and ideas about how technology should be working for you to get better outcomes. Technology was developed as a ‘time-saver’, which should lead to increased productivity, but instead it seems that all that has happened is that there is a […]

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